-  Company Vision
-  Strategic Planning
-  Financial Management
-  Capital Analysis
-  Organizational S​tructure

-  Product Positioning
-  Competitive​ Analysis/Benchmarking
-  Selling Strategy
-  Training
-  ​KPI Establishment & Management

-  Recruiting
-  Hiring/Onboarding
-  Employment Testing/Profiling
-  Motivation
-  Coaching/Development

"I have worked with Mark Howard for over twenty-five years. Mark is one of the most industrious and goal-oriented people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and for those reasons I chose to partner with him on a new business venture in the point of use drinking water space. We took an unproven technology and marketplace and grew it to a 3-million-dollar business with an over 20% net profit at time of sale. Throughout this journey I was struck at how affable and motivating he is to those around him. He backs all this up with integrity and fairness. Truly, I cannot think of a better business partner or colleague.

By way of credentials, I have started four companies in document imaging and sold two to Xerox, one to Ricoh and one to Danka.
All of those are multi-billion dollar public companies."

John Leinweber, Owner
Imagine Technology Group LLC


"When I met Mark Howard, I was the sole owner of Letts Property Management one of the largest privately owned property management companies in Chicagoland. I had been consulting with Mark on growth strategies for a few years and decided to formalize the partnership when I got to a point that I felt I had taken my business as far as I could on my own. At the time Mark came on board we were managing 700 properties with a staff of 35-40 people. 

​Mark helped me with employee engagement, leadership development, strategic planning, and operational efficiency resulting in a significant increase to our bottom line and growth of managed properties to over 1,000.  After 18 months of working together we were courted by 3 private equity firms and eventually sold to one of them for an EBITDA multiple twice the industry norm. I'd highly recommend Mark as a business partner and strategist."

Preston Letts, President
​Letts Companies


"I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Howard when we approached him to acquire his business, Health Concepts.  I went through the due diligence process for Mark’s company and quickly realized he was a detailed planner, well prepared, and well organized which made the acquisition process smooth and completed ahead of schedule.

I was so impressed with Mark’s attention to detail and experience with Mergers and Acquisitions that I eventually made him a job offer to join my TEAM.  We worked on several projects together and his experience, advice, and knowledge became invaluable as we made several acquisitions in the next few years.

Mark approached every deal from a mutual Win-Win perspective having been on both the Sellers side and Buyers side.  He shared his experience with several potential acquisition targets, gained their confidence, and eventually brought them on board.

Making the acquisition is only half of the process, the other half is merging the two organizations.  Mark had good understanding and sensitivity to both unique cultures which insured smooth integration. His experience in People Management, Sales Management and Mergers and Acquisitions make him a value-added asset to any organization."

Bill Logan, President
​Waterlogic, USA
(312) 505-5773